Vision Statement of Dodgeville Mill

By Gary Demers 2009

To develop a facility of interactive and interesting elements and experiences that members and the general public will be able to experience while capitalizing on rental opportunities that will promote the preservation and sustainability of the Dodgeville Mill.

Some of the amenities of the Dodgeville Mill are or will be as follows:

  • Museum and function center
  • Professional / Architectural office spaces and Artisan Gallery Exhibit space
  • Green space
  • Rooftop courtyards
  • Conservation environmental trails
  • Historic architectural wonderment
  • Water recreation
  • Hydro power generation
  • Solar power generation
  • ┬áInside garage parking
  • Manicured grounds
  • Restaurant and cafe

The mill will be placed in an irrevocable trust that will maintain the preservation of the museum and the mill and continue to develop the structure, grounds, waterway and village through funds collected from tenancy and an established endowment fund.