Newport: The Artful City

Book by John Tschirch, Visiting Curator of Urban History at the Newport Historical Society


Newport, RI (August 2020) – The Newport Historical Society announces the release, on October 27th, of its latest publication “Newport: The Artful City” by John Tschirch, Visiting Curator of Urban History.

The book is a richly illustrated portrait of Newport, Rhode Island as a work of urban art, from colonial times to the present, both documented and celebrated in the maps, paintings, photographs, poetry and prose of renowned artists and writers.


As one of the most historically intact cities in North America, Newport has a cultural and architectural heritage of national significance.


Each of the city’s districts has its own distinct character with street plans and buildings revealing the political, religious, commercial and artistic forces that have shaped Newport through the ages. Stately Colonial squares and bustling wharves, picturesque Victorian villas and scenic drives, opulent Gilded Age palaces for the few and electric streetcars for the many, and preservation movements to honor the past and modernist schemes for a metropolis of the future all tell stories of urban beauty and controversy, of eras of lavish building, urban decay and extraordinary revival.

You can pre-order your copy of the book on or by calling 401-841-8770. Pre-ordered volumes can also be scheduled to be signed by the author before shipment or pick-up. An online book launch party will be scheduled close to the release date of October 27, 2020.

This book is published by D Giles Limited with the Newport Historical Society and was supported by the generosity of Ms. Elizabeth Prince de Ramel through the EJMP Fund for Philanthropy.

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