The Rehoboth Congregational Church is pleased to announce the kickoff of the 300th Year of Service and Celebration to honor the  establishment of the Second Precinct of Rehoboth on November 29, 1721. 

We have much to be thankful for and we hope the community will join in the 300th Year of Celebration as we honor, educate, celebrate and share the history and service of the Rehoboth Congregational Church. 

A 300th Banner adorns the Church as we begin this religious, historical and fun filled year.

The Town of Rehoboth was founded  1643 when the Reverend Samuel Newman established the settlement and erected the first meeting house at the Newman Congregational Church location on the east bank of the Ten Mile River, and called the town “Rehoboth” (Genesis 26:22).   

As the town expanded, many of the descendants of the early settlers moved east of the Palmer River, some distance from Newman Congregational Church. 

Wanting to worship regularly, they petitioned the General Court in Boston to have the town divided into two precincts for the support of the ministry. 

The Pastor, Reverend David Turner, and ten founding members of the new congregation completed the meeting house and the Palmer River Church on Lake Street was organized on November 29, 1721.  

The original meeting house of the new congregation was later replaced with the Yellow Meeting House located at the current Rehoboth Village Cemetery.   

Church growth necessitated the building of the Rehoboth Congregational Church at the current location on Bay State Road in the Village. 

There will be opportunities for all ages to participate in activities and we look forward to a fruitful year of joy, service and celebration. 

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