By Don Doucette

Friends of the Ten Mile and Bucklin Brook after a Cleanup by Larson Woodland. Photo submitted by Ben Cote


Like ancient smoke signals of old, a distress call went out earlier this week concerning an act of blatant vandalism within the Ten Mile River corridor in Attleboro, Massachusetts.


Friends of the Ten Mile and Bucklin Brook became aware of an illegal dumping incident within the river corridor consisting of bricks, other construction debris, used tires and caution barrels.


Early Saturday morning, a group of willing and eager volunteers converged to clean the ugly mess located between the recently renovated Sterling Lofts complex and Larson Woodland, an open space property managed by the Attleboro Land Trust.


With the primary objective complete, the river team then made a clean sweep of the river column between Riverbank Road near Willett School to the base of Watson Dam.


That activity complete, the small group shifted attention toward Watson Avenue regarding an ongoing invasive plant neutralization project within Larson Woodland where an exposed invasive Norway maple stump was FiberStumped to help suppress suckering and new growth, thus avoiding the tempting urge to use harmful herbicide.


All in all, a most rewarding several hours of positive environmental outreach was achieved toward the betterment of our local Ten Mile River Watershed.


Don Doucette

“Ten Mile River Rambles”

Friends of the Ten Mile and Bucklin Brook