“Self-portrait Judah” created by Judah Tchari of North Attleboro, MA; Age 12; Watercolors & Sharpie on paper. On display during the 7th Annual All School Show.


Attleboro, MA –The Attleboro Arts Museum will present its 7th Annual All School Show, a one-day student art exhibition, on Saturday, February 29th, 2020 from 10am-4pm.  Over 85 pieces of artwork created by 60+ students of all ages who were enrolled in a W. Charles Thompson Museum School art class or workshop during the Museum’s 2019 winter, spring, and/or fall programming will be showcased.  All mediums will be on display from drawing & painting to printmaking, ceramics and more!


Abby Rovaldi, Museum Programs Coordinator & All School Show Curator comments, “We work to provide a welcoming, supportive and above all FUN environment for our art students of all ages.”  Rovaldi continues, ”Art encourages us to learn, explore, and expand our creativity and self-expression.  As a class moves along from week to week, we observe students become more invested in the art-making process as their confidence builds. We’re proud to offer artful adventures while cultivating a community of artists within our nurturing studio spaces.”


The Attleboro Arts Museum offers a variety of hands-on arts experiences for all ages. “My son attended the Museum’s art classes as a scholarship recipient. He deeply enjoyed the class. He has always been artsy but he now has a pride about knowing actual techniques. My son has autism and the instructor and staff were very open to accommodating his needs. He enjoyed being in a beautiful environment and engaging in art with his classmates. He expresses himself through art at home in more meaningful ways. I am so grateful that my son was selected as a scholarship recipient and intend to continue to enroll him in classes at the Museum,” remarks Jennifer Swilley-Wek (Judah’s mom).  

The All School Show gives learning artists the self-assurance and opportunity to display their artwork in a professional environment.  It also provides a chance for students to connect with one another and share concepts, processes & knowledge on what they experience in the Museum studios. “Art class is really fun! I get to learn how to paint and make so many cool things. I am proud of myself when I make things that I think will be really hard but turn out to be pretty easy. Painting is my favorite!” comments Amelia Bertone, Age 8 of Norton, MA.


By Amelia Bertone, Age 8 of Norton, MA.

“I’m more of a crafter than an artist, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the many classes I have taken over the years at the Attleboro Arts Museum.  Chinese Treasure, is the first piece of artwork I have ever put in the All School Show. 

Chinese Treasure

I created this piece in the AAM’s fall session of Botanical Illustration Using Digital Transfers & Mixed Media with art educator, Cindy Petruccillo.  The background pieces were collaged and adhered with acrylic medium to a canvas board.  The translucent portrait is the first image we received of our new baby daughter and was printed using an ink jet printer onto a pretreated piece of cellophane.  The images and symbols in the background were taken from a catalog of an exhibition of Chinese paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  To give you a glimpse into our remarkable and joyous adoption journey, I merged these significant pieces together to create Chinese Treasure,” remarks Ellen Wolter of Attleboro, MA.